About us

In 2000, after the Minister of Cooperatives confirmed the initial plan of building the factory, SagheTalaei Cooperative and Producing Companystarted to operatewith the aim of creating job, optimally using water resources, preventing the loss of water, responding to increasing demands, supplying public needs to different pipes and polyethylene fittings by purchasing and providing the required machinery and by employing expert and up-to-date personnel, and believing that quality is the guarantee of our economic security. The company started its activity based on plans and implementations of irrigation systems in agricultural sections, urban and rural water supply, and wastewater irrigation.

The company commenced its activity with two production lines with nominal capacity of 3000 tons per year, and by deploying the modern technology and knowledge and employing talented and expert personnel, attempted to increasingly enhance and improve the quantitative and qualitative level of its products.

Today, using modern technology and having 8 production lines with nominal capacity of 14145 tons and obtaining national and international certificates and confirmations, this company is operating as one of the largest and most valid producers of polyethylene pipes.